Novel Guidelines

Novel Submissions

  • Dark fiction
Now, what do we mean by “dark fiction?”  Our definition is pretty broad around here, so if your work is thought provoking, strange, surreal, or chilling we might be the home your manuscript has been searching for.  We love unusual times and places and genre “mash-ups” like horror-science fiction, horror-slipstream, fantasy-horror.  You get our drift.

  • We do not want romance, unless it is really, really strange. 
  • We love vampires, but shimmering or shiny ones, please.  
We are looking for stories that make the reader think and situations that will stick with the reader after he or she puts the books down.  Give us heroes we can root for and villains that surprise us. If you are unsure, just email us first with a quick overview of your novel.

  • No reprints.
  • Simultaneous submissions are okay, if notified.
  • Multiple submissions are not welcome.

This is the new incarnation of NSP, and things are pretty different this time out.  Things have changed a great deal as far as technology since NSP last published. E-books are huge now and POD products are of incredible quality.  Because of networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. promotion your work is a hell of a lot easier than it ever has been. There are blog tours.  Book trailers are something that even computer illiterates can pull off.   Because of this, we will ask the author to participate in promoting his or her work.  It will pay off for both of us in the end, I think.
Please submit a brief synopsis first. With your synopsis be sure to include the following:
  • Genre (okay, we said horror, but be specific.  Supernatural, zombies, slipstream, etc.)
  • Word count – only novel length work is considered here up to 120,000 words
  • Biography and previous publications, if any
  • Marketing plan or ideas regarding the promotion of your book
  • First three chapters of the manuscript, attached in RTF format
NSP Books is looking for first North American print and electronic rights.  Right now, we are almost like a brand new company, so payment is not going to make anyone rich.  However, we are offering an advance against royalties.  Contracts may vary from author to author.
The current reading window will be from May 1, 2010 to August 30, 2010.  Response times will be 4-6 weeks.  Please wait at least 6 weeks before querying.
Please email questions, comments and submissions to nspbooks (AT) live (DOT) com with “submission” “book title” & “your name” in the subject line.