Monday, April 12, 2010

Poe Little Thing Guidelines are now up

Poe Little Thing, formerly the digest of dark poetry will be reanimated in autumn 2010. The reading period will begin on April 19, 2010. We will remain opened until September 20, 2010 or until filled. This will a twice yearly themed anthology and a little meatier than the previous version of POE.
Issues will be available in print and e-book formats.
The theme for the autumn 2010 issue will be:
Use that catchphrase and take it where you will.
We are currently looking for poetry to 50 lines and flash fiction to 1000 words. NO REPRINTS considered.
• Payment for poetry is $.25 per line.
• Payment for flash is $.05 per word.
• Contributors must have a valid Paypal account for monetary payment. Otherwise, payment will be in contributor’s copies only to equal payment amount. (No, cover price has not been determined yet.)
• All contributors receive one print and one electronic copy of the publication.
Please submit your work as RTF attachments. Include a brief cover letter/bio/ website address.
In subject line, remember to include “POE SUB.”

We are also in need for a good cover illustration, within the above theme. Digital art is preferred.
• Payment for cover art is $25, plus 1 contributor’s copy.
Please submit work as JPEG attachments. Include a brief cover letter/bio/ website address.
In subject line, remember to include “POE SUB.”
I am open to seeing samples and assigning cover work. Artists may submit a web address instead of attached samples. I am open to seeing art as of today (4/12/2010).

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hi and welcome (for some, welcome back). Naked Snake Press has been resurrected, with a new attitude, new guidelines and a new domain (since the old domain has been purchased by someone else).

Many may remember NSP and titles such as Eric S. Brown’s The Queen, Carol Weekes’ Walter’s Crossing and of course, Poe Little Thing. All of the previous NSP titles are now out of print, but NSP alumni who are interested in re-issuing their previously printed NSP book in print and e-book (Kindle, iPad, etc.) please contact me at nspbooks (at) live (dot) com.

Otherwise, we will be opening for novel submissions on May 1, 2010. Please check out the guidelines before submitting.

Poe Little Thing will rear its head again, as well, in the form of a twice-yearly themed poetry and flash anthology, in print and electronic formats. Guidelines and themes are coming soon.