Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hi and welcome (for some, welcome back). Naked Snake Press has been resurrected, with a new attitude, new guidelines and a new domain (since the old domain has been purchased by someone else).

Many may remember NSP and titles such as Eric S. Brown’s The Queen, Carol Weekes’ Walter’s Crossing and of course, Poe Little Thing. All of the previous NSP titles are now out of print, but NSP alumni who are interested in re-issuing their previously printed NSP book in print and e-book (Kindle, iPad, etc.) please contact me at nspbooks (at) live (dot) com.

Otherwise, we will be opening for novel submissions on May 1, 2010. Please check out the guidelines before submitting.

Poe Little Thing will rear its head again, as well, in the form of a twice-yearly themed poetry and flash anthology, in print and electronic formats. Guidelines and themes are coming soon.

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